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Experiences are valuable.

Especially when they are shared.


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You are planning your Master-programme, are in the phase of career orientation, will go abroad or thinking of starting your own business?

Benefit from the experience of our graduates.

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You want too share your experiences as a mentor?

Share your knowledge with students and other alumni of the University of Graz.


This is what our mentoring participants say about the program:

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"Mentoring at the University of Graz happens at equal level and you can learn from each other as a mentor and as a mentee."

Verena Schaupp, mentor

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"My mentor helped me clarify which master's programs were right for me and narrowed down the pool of potential future employers."

Martin Spielhofer, mentee


"I took a lot away from our mentoring myself. For example, it opened my eyes to the way that today's youth is thinking."

Bettina Stockinger, mentor

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"I was able to answer the questions my mentee asked me because I had asked them myself just three years before."

Verena Schaupp, mentor


"We have a focus before each meeting. It's always structured."

Eva Seidl, mentor

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Supporting your success story ...


Mag. Tanja Baumgartner

Project Coordinator

  • Accompanies mentees and mentors from the initial interest in the mentoring program to the successful completion of their mentorship.
  • Networks and grows the mentoring community analog and digital.
  • Answers all questions about the mentoring platform.

"Mentoring can be many things. For example, subjecting your own professional ideas to a reality check with an experienced person and taking a look into the future together."

Mag. Angela Messner-Lipp

Program Coach

  • Supports mentees in creating their mentorship agreement and goals as well as keeping them focused  during the mentorship.
  • Coaches mentors to be ideally responsive to their mentee.

"You can start sharpening your career goals as early as possible. Your mentor actively supports this!"


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