Castle  Prior to registeration

You can find out before you register whether there are suitable mentors available for you on the platform. The search function Magnifying glass black shows you which mentor profiles best match your search criteria, even without registering. However, you are not allowed to view the details of the mentor's profiles at this time. In addition, you will not be able to save your search results before registering to access them later.

 After registration

By registering, you create your personal profile on the Career Mentoring platform. From now on you have the possibility to save mentor's profiles and access them even later. Now you can also view all data fields relevant to you in the mentor's profiles.

Magnifier  This is how the search works

The search function magnifying glass blackof the Career Mentoring platform enables a combination of two principles:

  1. You can search for "unique" information in Mentor's profiles, such as field of study, professional field, location for face-to-face meetings, or by competencies in gender, inclusion, and diversity. 

  2. You can additionally perform a free text search that searches all text fields in mentor's profiles.
    In addition to the "unique" data fields that are displayed in the search function, mentors fill in the following open text fields in their profiles:
    Focus of work (only for the fields "Career entry" and "Self-employment")
    Vocational training (only for the fields "Career entry" and "Self-employment")
    - highest degree (only for the field "Master Plan")
    In these areas I can help
    Why I make myself available as a mentor
    What I want from mentees 

You can weight all criteria to refine your search with.

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Eye Search results

Your search will show you the three highest ranked mentor's profiles. You can have these replaced with three new profiles at any time. In the results of your search, you will also see the percentage match of the respective profiles with your entered criteria as well as brief information about each mentor.

This way, you are not forced to go through long lists of mentor's profiles, but can change the list of results by adjusting your search criteria.

i characters  Tips for the search

To find a suitable person for your mentorship, you should have as much clarity as possible beforehand about which topics and questions you want to work on in your mentorship:

  • You need guidance on what career fields are open to you with your current or future planned studies?
    Weigh the field of study in your search highest and include related fields of study.
  • You want to get a foothold in a particular industry or want to know what fields of study or degrees are in demand in this area?
    Weigh the professional field most highly and do not put too much emphasis on the fact that mentors come from your own field of study.
  • You want to first find out what activities you might enjoy or where your strengths lie?
    Look for a mentor who ais active in the field of human resources - she/he may be able to help you best to clarify these questions for you.
    TIP: In this orientation phase, it is also recommended to make an appointment at the Career Center to find out during a coaching, where your strengths lie.
  • You are considering whether self-employment is a career path for you?
    Look best for people who have chosen a legal form for themselves, which you also have in mind, rather than a particular industry.
  • You have a business idea, but are not sure whether it is sustainable?
    Do not necessarily seek mentors in the same business field or the same field of study: So you avoid on the one hand competitive situations and benefit from a different perspective on your idea.