3 - 12 months, depending on the agreement


Students of the University of Graz from the 5th semester and young graduates who want to start their own business

"Mentoring for self-employment" is the right choice for me

because it can help me in the following areas:

  • Stages of self-employment
  • Expectations and reality of self-employment
  • Getting to know networks for self-employed
  • Exchanging ideas on balancing personal and professional life
  • Dealing with unexpected events
  • Exchanging ideas on success and development factors

This is not part of mentorship:

  • legally binding information


At the end of the mentorship ...

  • I can better assess what it means to be self-employed
  • I have a good overview of which official procedures are necessary for the start of my self-employment or have already registered as self-employed
  • I have gained a personal assessment of my start-up idea from my mentor

Topics and Questions

Find on the following page an extensive collection of topics and questions to learn from the possible contents of the mentoring on the subject of self-employment to get an impression.

Topics and Questions: Self-Employment