Speech_bubbles_two  Begin Mentorship: The get-to-know-you meeting

The first meeting is to get to know each other and to clarify basic questions about the  mentorship, in particular: 

  • For what period of time is the mentorship planned? 
  • How many meetings should there be in the period? 
  • What kind and frequency of contact is fine for both sides?

We recommend to agree right at the first meeting also a rough content plan for the individual meetings. The topics arise thereby from the application details of the mentee and the offers of the mentor.

Important: Mentees should make notes on the discussed agreements right away. They will need these for the mentoring agreement.

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The initial meeting:
This is what the first mentoring meeting is about

Document Mentorship Agreement

The agreements discussed at the first meeting are written by the mentees into the "mentorship agreement", which can be found in the "Mentoring" profile area as soon as a Mentorship request has been positively answered. The agreement is saved in the system by mentees and then sent to the mentor for approval. for approval. Mentors are notified in the system that this step is now necessary for them. 

Have both sides agreed, you are officially in a mentorship together. Of course the mentoring agreement can be changed and adapted at any time with mutual consent.

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The Mentoring Agreement
this is what you should take notes of

Play  During the mentorship

Mentees are primarily responsible both for finding appointments and for actively contributing questions and topics. Mentees thus take a very active role and thus contribute decisively to the success of the mentorship.

Appointments are proposed by the mentees via the mentoring platform and are confirmed there by the:the mentor:in. After the appointments have taken place, participation in them can be confirmed in one's own profile. 

Suggestions for topics and questions can be found here.

After each confirmed meeting as well as in case of longer inactivity you will receive an automated email request asking for feedback. 

All activity on the site will be recorded as achievements in your profile.

Thank you flowers  End mentorship

It is important for both sides that a mentorship is officially ended, even if you should stay in contact beyond that. For this purpose, we recommend a final meeting defined as such. 

You will receive after completion of a mentorship a confirmation of participation, which you can downloadin the Profile area "Mentoring" can download. This remains there stored and is available for download at any time.