Eye How to get found

To be found

Mentees search for information you have entered in your selection fields, such as your field of study or industry. 
Using the option of free search, mentees can also search information in your profile that you have entered in text fields, such as "organizational psychology" in your work specializations or "coaching" in your additional professional training.

How you will be found

The system suggests three mentors to each of the mentees in a first step and indicates to what percentage the results matches the search. According to experience, successful mentorships already take place from a match of about 50 percent - this is what we also tell the mentees in our tips for teir search.

Visible contents on your profile

Only registered mentees can view profile pages of mentor in detail, whereby master data - with the exception of your field(s) of study - are never displayed. Displayed are all those data that you have filled out for mentoring. 
If necessary, click on the i-symbols next to all data fields: Here you will find additional information, e.g. also the hint that data will not be shown to other user.

How quickly you will be found

The number and time horizon of mentorship requests vary greatly per mentor. The Alumni office and Career Center offer a great number of information events and advertising that draw attention to your commitment as a future mentor.

Castle Set availability

In the "Mentoring" section of your profile page, you can set when you are no longer available as a Mentor. Please remember to make this change when you take on a mentorship so that you do not receive any more requests.

You can also "disable" your availability for extended absences. This way you have access to certificates from past mentorships and can reactivate your profile at any time. By deleting your profile, your data will be completely eliminated from the system in accordance with applicable data protection regulations and cannot be restored.

Speech_bubble_single  Mentorship requests

You will receive mentorship requests directly via email. They consist of a short text and a standardized application form that mentees fill out on the platform. 

The application forms give you an overview of the mentees' professional situation, their career goals and aspirations, and what support they hope to receive from mentorship.

You can then accept or reject the mentorship request.

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