One thing is certain: mentoring works. In recent years, many mentoring tandems have celebrated numerous successes. Insights into companies have been provided, career concepts discussed, application strategies developed, and much more. You can find out how the tandems approached their mentorship and where their mentoring process has taken them here directly from our mentors and mentees.

Nina und Lisa-Marie im Gespräch vor der UB

Mentor: Verena Schaupp, MA

Mentorin Verena Schaup im Alumni im Portrait Interview

"I was able to answer the questions my mentee asked me well, because I had asked them myself just three years before."
Verena Schaupp, MA, mentor

Journalist Verena Schaupp shares insights into her experience as a mentor in an alumni portrait. You can see the entire interview in which she talks about the content and design of her mentorship here.

Mentoring-Tandem: Christina Bernögger, MA & Mag. Eva Seidl

TRIFFT Bernoegger Seidl

"We have a focus before every meeting. It's always structured."
Eva Seidl, MA, mentor

The mentoring tandem Christina Bernögger, MA and Mag. Eva Seidl met in front of the camera and interviewed each other with questions unknown to them. You can see the result of this spontaneous reflection on their mentorship here.

Mentoring-Tandem: Helene Byma & Bettina Stockinger

Tandem Bettina Helene

I took a lot away from the mentoring myself. For example, it opened my eyes to what makes today's youth tick.
Bettina Stockinger, mentor

An article on the subject of mentoring was published in the Alumni Magazine 2021, in which mentor Bettina Stockinger and mentee Helene Byma were interviewed.

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Mentoring-Tandem: Patrick Kratzenstein & Antonia Kohla


Patrick took away my partly naive ideas and sharpened my focus. That was enormously important.
Antonia Kohla, mentee

An article on the topic of mentoring was published in the Alumni Magazine 2021. Mentor Patrick Kratzenstein and mentee Antonia Kohla chatted about their experiences in the mentoring tandem.

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