Registration is the same for mentees and mentors.

After registration, you will receive an link via e-mail for verifying your e-mail address.  

For your information: With the exception of your field(s) of study, none of the data you registration are visible for other users. Your name will be displayed on the platform with your first name and the first letter of your  last name only.

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After registration you can go to your profile page in the "Mentoring" section and decide whether you would like to use the page as a mentor or mentee. You can also use the platform in both roles, for example as a mentor for the area of "Career entry" as well as a mentee for the area "self-employment".

  Become a Mentor

Step 1: Authenticate and fill out your profile

When you select the option "Become a Mentor", the first thing you'll be asked to do is  to upload an ID document in jpg format for authentication. This document will only be seen by the administrators of the platform and it will be deleted after the authentication.

Afterwards you can complete the data you have already entered in the registration:
You can specify the mentoring areas for which you are available, what you expect of your mentees  and in which languages you can offer mentoring. This information is searchable and visible to mentees.

Your name will be displayed on the platform using only your first name and the first letter of your last name.

In your profile you can also set at any time whether you are currently available as a mentor or not.

Step 2: mentoring request
As soon as you receive a mentoring request, you can accept or decline it. If you should reject it, we ask you to nevertheless write a short answer to the mentee. If you accept the request, the mentee will be informed via the platform about it.
The Mentee will then have the task of arranging an initial meeting with you.

What's next for you as a mentor, read below:
Step 4: Initial meeting

eine Person weiƟ  Become a Mentee

Step 1: Find a mentor
You can start your mentor-search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right  corner. Even without registering, you can use the search function to see if there are any mentors on the platform who match your requirements. If you want to know more about the mentors, you have to register on the mentoring platform in the next step.

Tips for the search

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You have found what you are looking for and would like to contact your mentor? You are one step closer to your goal:

Step 2: Application
As soon as a mentor receives a request from you, he/she will also be given access to the following information you have entered in your profile in the section "My data": "My current situation", "My goal(s)" and "What kind of help do I wish for". Thus, the information in these three fields corresponds to the cover letter of your mentoring application. After that, send your  mentoring request.

If you have any questions about your application details or need assistance with this, please contact the mentoring team.

Step 4: Initial meeting
If a mentor accepts a request, mentor and mentee are connected in the chat area of the website and can arrange the first meeting. The first meeting serves to get to know each other and to clarify basic questions about the mentorship. During this meeting you will decide together if you want to start a mentorship. If yes, the mentee will make notes for the mentoring agreement. 

Step 5: Mentoring agreement
The framework agreement should be discussed at the first meeting and afterwards transferred by the mentees into the "Mentoring Agreement", which can be found on the mentoring platform in the "Mentoring profile area" as soon as a mentorship request has been positively answered. The agreement is written by mentees in the system and then sent to the mentor for approval. Mentors get informed by the system that this step is now necessary.
If both sides have agreed, you are officially in a mentorship together. Of course, the mentoring agreement can be changed and adapted at any time

Info on the mentoring agreement

More infos about: Shaping Mentorship